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Nosmo Symposium 2017: The application of scientific methods and research results in the social and medical sciences


Date & Venue

10 October 2017

9.00 – 13.00 Green room (Groene zaal), Willem C. van Unnikgebouw, Heidelberglaan 2, 3584 CS Utrecht

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Prof. Dr. Jim van Os – Abstract
Prof. Dr. Gerard Pasterkamp – Abstract
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stroebe – Abstract
Dr. Rens van de Schoot – Abstract

The application of scientific methods and research results in the social and medical sciences

The basic goal of research methods and statistics is to keep scientific research on the track of high-quality research. The accounting of these methods is considered as a necessity for scientific publications in both medical and social sciences. Among researchers, for a variety of reasons there is a continuous call for better accounting of the scientific methods used: to improve on the comparability of scientific results, to reduce reporting bias, and to promote responsible research practices. Next to that, there is a call to do research that is applicable in a short or long run for medical and societal practices and consequentially, there are requests to account for usability as well. Important qualities are comparability, bias reduction, responsible research practices and applicability. Taking into account present discussions about the quality of published articles in peer reviewed journals bring us to three questions:
• Are the current methodological guidelines sufficient to review and judge the quality of scientific research?
• Is the current practice of accounting in peer-reviewed journals sufficient to detect sloppy practices or fraudulent practices?
• Are there new methodological guidelines developed that can improve the quality and applicability of scientific research?

To discuss these questions leading scientific researchers are invited from the medical field, social sciences and methodology and statistics.